Changshu DZ857 Wheel loader


Changshu Brand DZ857 Wheel loader for best experience.



性能Performance 1 额定载重量rated load 5000kg
2 整机重量overall weight 17100kg
3 额定斗容量rated bucket capacity 3.0m3
4 最大牵引力maximum tractive force 158KN
5 最大崛起力maximum breakout force ≥204KN
6 最大爬坡能力maximum grade ability 30℃
7 最大卸载高度maximum dump height 3150mm
8 最大卸载距离maximum dump reach 1250mm
9 整机外形尺寸overall dimension (L×W×H) 7920×3050×3400mm
10 最小转弯半径minimum turning radius 6640mm
发动机Engine 11 型号model Shangchai:SC11C8220G281 (CAT licensed)
12 型式type 直列\水冷\干缸套\直喷lnline  water cooling dry cylinder  injection
13 气缸数-缸径×行程No. of cylinder-bore/stroke 6-126×130mm
14 额定功率rated power 162kw–2200r/min
15 最大扭矩maximum torque 9500N.m
16 最低燃油消耗率min fuel-consume ratio ≤208g/kw.h

Transmission system

17 变速箱型式 gearbox mode(ZF 4WG200) 动力换档直齿常啮Power shift normally engaged straight gear
18 档位数gear shift 前进档4个4 forward shift 档速8/15/23/38
倒退档3个3 reverse shift 档速8/15/23/38
19 最高车速 maximum speed 38km/h
驱动桥Drive axles 20 主减型式:main reducing spiral 螺旋伞齿轮一级减速

bevel gear grade 1reduction

21 轮边减速型式decelerating mode 一级行星减速

planetary reduction, grade 1

22 轴距 wheel base (mm) 3200mm
23 轮距 wheel tread 2250mm
24 最小离地间隙minimum ground clearance 450mm

Hydraulic system

25 系统工作压力system working pressure 17MPa
26 动臂提升时间 boom lifting time 6.05±0.25s
27 三项和 total time 10.8±0.5s
28 油箱容量  fuel tank capacity 300L
29 铲斗自动放平功能

function of leveling automatically

有 yes

Brake system

30 行车制动 service brake 气顶油钳盘式四轮制动

air over hydraulic disc brake on 4 wheels

31 驻车制动 parking brake 手动钳盘式制动 manual parking brake


32 规格type specification 26.5-25
33 前轮气压 front tyre pressure 0.4Mpa
34 后轮气压 rear tyre pressure 0.35Mpa



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